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Welcome again to our Best forex reviews website! Make Money EA review is among the most discussed and researched topics. The make money expert advisor has been in the spotlight for quite a while now. The reason of such significance and attention that the bot has been drawing to itself is why we all here, aren’t we? The make money expert advisor review has lined up all the basic information you need to know about the expert advisor bot. Since the world of online trading has proved to be brutal of all, it sure does not spare anyone of its unforgiving game. Can we add the Make Money Expert Advisor review to our  best forex robot page?

Hence, it’s important for potential users to be well-equipped and well-informed to make the most out of online trading. However, just being aware of the expert advisors is not enough. One should be able to develop a great understanding of the bot’s trading strategy, its features, packages/price, and back-test (if any), before getting hands on expert advisor bots.

Some basic information:

All the basic information is paired with the Make Money EA review and unbiased conclusion which is going to help you decide if he bot matches your trading style and strategy. Also, knowing your requirement and the outcome you expect are the factors which contribute to victory in the world of online trading.

For those who have just begun with online trading, the rule of thumb is to be sure what you want, rather than focusing on expensive trading bots that claim to level up your trading. It’s not that the bots’ money-making claims are a sham, however, if you don’t know what you are aiming at, all the money and efforts are to end up in vain.

Hence, be clear and precise because the world of online trading has more to it than the reviews suggest. Keep reading and discover if this is the next “best forex robot” or not.

Without further delay, let’s get into the Make Money Expert Advisor review.


Who is behind the Make Money EA?

In the Make Money EA review, the bot’s background is defined and explained clearly so that there remains no confusion as to what the Make Money EA really is.

The Make Money EA is a trading bot that is designed by expert4x. The bot is known for its candle-stick trend chart appearance. The bot was brought to light by a winner of the Forex Trading competition who happened to make an 860% return in a mere two month period. This is by far the most produced, successfully achieved percentage.

Hence, by witnessing the impeccable results by the winner in 2016, the strategy and tactics were studies and observed based on which the Make Money EA was designed by expert4x. It was observed and decided that the EA can and should be made automated with all automated decision-making strategies once used by the Forex Trading market winner. Hence, the bot is created with automated performance.

In order to have a much-enhanced performance and results, the bot is made with risk management tools to further reduce the risk factors. The risk filtering makes sure the percentage of risk stays minimum. Moreover, the flexibility of target and stops was increased to decrease loss and risk factors.

Time Frame

At the beginning of the Make Money EA creation, the time frame was 4 hours and 15 minutes. However, it was observed and realized by many potential users that the bot’s time frame appeared to be too long. Hence, it was decided to reduce it.

The 5-minutes time frame was set and finalized which appears to be useful for open trades and minimized risk factors to this day.

How to check the bot to its full potential?

The Make Money EA review has put complete information about the bot and its performance to full potential.

The reason why it’s important to know the full potential of an expert advisor is that there might come a time when it’s either a win or lose situation. In such a case, a user can make the most out of the bot by using it at its full potential. However, if you are not aware of it, the regret can haunt you for a long time.

Keep in mind that to know a bot’s true potential does not mean it should be used every time. Using a bot at its full potential increases risk factor. Hence, the user should know when and where to make use of it.

An easy way to check a bot’s full potential is back trading. Back trading is preferred on a demo account so that there lies no risk of money loss.

Back trading provides several options and settings which can be selected by traders as they desire. The settings include time frame, currency pairs, draw-downs, profitability levels, and setting consistency.

How does Make Money EA work?

By the end of the Make Money EA review, the reader will be able to develop a better understanding of how the bot works and what trading strategy it uses to be profitable.

The key point towards the understanding of Make Money EA is that it enters trades only when the market begins to trend.

At the price of closed candle-stick, the EA makes a deal accordingly by observing the trend. There are two moving averages that the trend is determined on:

  1. Slow

  2. Fast

In order to place a valid trend, it’s important that the two moving averages have the same direction. Settings can be customized as per need and choice. Also, open deals can be limited to a confined number, depending on the user’s choice.

Before starting to begin with the Make Money bot’s live trading, the transactions for a day can be given a start and stop value. If the value is reached, the transactions are automatically stopped. This is a good way to have transactions stopped. Another way is to close transactions is when the trends change, you get the option of either keep the transactions open or to close them.

In order to know which currency pair is tending, the ADX indication can be used which helps you find the trending currency pair. For the Make Money expert advisor, the trades can be positioned-sized based on a fixed lot or percentage of a user’s account. In order to make the most out of the profitable deals, it’s better to use flexible trailing-stop or breakeven-stop.

The useful factor provided by the Make Money EA is that it gives you the option for opening deals depending upon the time and day and week set by the user. Hence, you can set out deals according to your schedule. The direction of trades can also be changed if the user wishes to have the EA trade in a different direction.

Settings Customization

In the Make Money EA review, it is very well explained that the settings of the bot can be customized as per the user’s need. This point, so far, has proved to be winning due to the fact that each trader has a different style. What one user might find useful can be totally useless to another user.

Hence, setting the customization option is what wins the game for Make Money EA. This is also one of the reasons the bot is on every potential trader’s must-have list.

The Make Money EA comes with two adjustable settings:

  1. In the case of smaller accounts, users are advised to bear this in mind that back trading is done on $10,000 with 0.1 lot size. Those who aren’t able to perform back trade should consider changing account size. For smaller accounts, draw-downs can also be an issue.
  1. Since back trading is performed in the GMT time zone, timing settings can be changed if a user’s broker has a server time other than GMT.
  2. Settings are updates every two-three months period which can be accessed via the EAFactory website. There are about 30 settings which have proved to be successful in the last twelve-month period.
  3. From the EAFactory, 10 currency pairs can be downloaded, 3-time frames, and 18 additional index settings.
  4. Live account trading can be seen and observed in order to understand how the Make Money bot plays the trading game. Such monitoring accounts results can be seen on the Make Money bot official website’s forum.

Despite being useful and profitable, the number one reason why some users remain skeptical towards trading bots is that they don’t seem to understand that the bots can be customized. Some users get started with online trading without adjusting settings according to their style.

Hence, the result becomes negative reviews, comments, and complaints which says the bot doesn’t work as claimed. Which is why it is important to know and understand each bot’s settings.

Make Money EA Downloading

Though the Make Money Expert Advisor review has all sorts of information lined up, the downloading information is better seen via video on the bot’s official website.

In the video, there has been given a few steps of the download which have proved to be far easier, simpler, and less time-consuming as compared to other bots.

As soon as the bot has been purchased, the download begins. On getting done with the download, the initial setup asks for a few basic steps. After the setup and successfully been set, the bot starts to look for trades within 20 minutes time period.

Support System for Make Money EA

The Make Money EA review has emphasized getting as much information as possible because a support system is what we all need in order to get started with successful trading.

Technical support

The Make Money EA is supported by EA-Factory which provides technical support for the bot.

Online Forum

There is an online forum available on the Expert4x website which has proved to be a great help to those who need it. The traders can ask questions, explain their confusion, and get all sorts of solutions accordingly. From basic to advance; all traders are present on the forum to help each other.

On-screen help option

The on-screen help provided for the bot is great as useful. Instead of wasting time in sending and receiving emails from the help center, all you have to do is to click on the on-screen help facility which assists you.


The welcome-process explains how to get started with trading in the minimum time possible along with customized setting guidelines. The welcome-process has been created by keeping a beginner’s mindset. Hence, the instructions are followed with the slightest and smallest details to make it easier for traders of all levels.


This option provides a one-on-one meeting with advanced/expert traders from all over the globe. In case of any confusion regarding the bot’s working strategy, download/installation issue, experts are willing to assist you.

However, these options work as a paid service that can be purchased from the bot’s official website.

Make Money Advisor tips and tricks

Make Money Expert Advisor review supports the idea of bearing certain tips in mind before getting started with a new bot.

  1. No matter how much is claimed to be an easy-to-use and money-making machine, you got to have experience with it by working on demo accounts. Even easy bots can be a tough task once the trading begins on a live account. Hence, try playing with the bot on the demo account for a 4-5 weeks period. It’s wise to spend time understanding a bot’s performance rather than taking a risk in a live account.
  2. For the demo account, 0.01 position sizing is preferable for every currency equal to $1,000.
  3. To use every currency pair and timeframe serves as a plus point.
  4. Read the user manual thoroughly and understand every setting.
  5. It is important to understand the calibration and optimization of the EA according to one’s broker account.
  6. To level up the trading game, users are advised to do free courses of Forex Trading provided on official websites. Courses have proved to be a great help if one is getting started with trading as a beginner.
  7. After the user is done with 4-5 weeks of trading on the demo account, the live account trading should be played on a much safer side. If risky trading on a demo account has always won, it’s not necessary that it works the same way on a live account.

Conclusion of Make Money EA review:

The Make Money Expert Advisor review has done its best to provide all the basic information that a user needs. The bot has proved to be profitable and among the most used trading bots. This is due to its easy-to-use functions and working strategy.

Hence, the bot has proved to be a useful investment to traders of all levels.

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